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Estate liquidators can help your family sell a loved ones residential contents. We host local estate auctions, but not garage sales or yard sales. We help your family make the most money possible

No worries..... We don't judge! We just work our magic to make it pretty!

Staging is just one part of our commitment to a successful estate sale! There are numerous other small details 

we attend to, but we put a big emphasis on marketing so that we have HUGE crowds!

Probate attorney can recommend estate sale companies in your area. Choose the best estate sale liquidators in Marietta, Douglasville, Carrollton, Cobb County. Check with your probate attorney today.

Probate attorney does recommend estate sale companies that do estate sales near me and yard sales and garage sales. Estate sales Atlanta services estate liquidators doing estate sales east cobb area including Marietta, Smyrna, Vinings, and Atlanta. Estate sale companies do estate sales atlanta and other estate sales near me. We do not do yard sales and garage sales.

Estate sale companies that do estate sales Carrollton or  east cobb area. Yard sales and garage sales by an estate liquidators

looking for estate sale companies or estate sales atlanta then you need an estate liquidator who works with a probate attorney to do yard sales and garage sales with the best estate sale companies in East Cobb, Marietta, Smyrna, Douglasville. Estate sales are done best by estate sale companies that know what they are doing.

These are just a few of our "in the woods" sales.... Farthest we've gotten people to drive is 1.2 miles deep into the woods!! Imagine what we can do on a main street! ;)

When searching for local estate auctions your probate attorney can recommend an estate sale companies that can sell your stuff. Estate liquidators can provide a full service sale to liquidate residential contents of a home.

Trying to find estate sale companies that do estate sales sales atlanta? We are recommended by Atlanta real estate agents and probate attorney to do estate sales. We are among the best estate sale companies that do estate sales atlanta.

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Trusting the right company to liquidate your estate requires interviewing many and following the recommended referrals from people who have used them in the past. 

Got a probate attorney? Ask them who are the best estate sale liquidators. Retro Betties Estate Sales is the best estate sale company in Atlanta

​​​Retro Betties Estate Sales

Retro Betties

Estate Sales

Estate sales atlanta is better than garage sales or yard sales. Estate sales atlanta has high end estate sales near me in Marietta, Smyrna, Carrollton, Douglasville, Vinings, Villa Rica and Kennesaw. We serve Cobb, Douglas, Carroll, Coweta, and Paulding counties. We love estate sales atlanta

Estate sales atlanta is estate liquidators that do estate sales near me. These estate liquidators do estate sales atlanta 

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Estate sale companies that do estate sales atlanta not yard sales or garage sales

​Estate sale companies that do antique sales atlanta not yard sales or garage sales

Just A Few Examples of Our Staging Techniques:

As estate liquidators we do not do yard sales or garage sales but rather full house sales. Many probate attorney will recommend our services to those in the West Georgia area.  

Let us make YOUR estate sale our next success story!

Retro Betties Estate Sales
American Society of Estate Liquidators

Estate sale companies that do estate sales atlanta do not do yard sales or garage sales. Recommended by probate attorney and real estate agents estate sale companies will host all other types of full home estate sales atlanta. Choose the best estate sale companies that serve you to do estate sales atlanta.


serving the atlanta metro area

Hosting estate sales atlanta by one of the best estate sale companies serving West Georgia. Recommended by probate attorney and real estate agents doing estate sales atlanta by estate sale companies. We do not do yard sales or garage sales

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A lot of people think we just walk into a home and it's already pretty. Sometimes we get lucky and they are right, but most of the time, we walk into something that looks like this: 

At Retro Betties Estate Sales, we believe that small details make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

When people ask what makes us different from everyone else, the simple answer is: "It's ALL in the DETAILS!"

Putting together a professional estate sale is choreographing chaos! Although every estate sale is different, there are

a few key details that we do that are different from other companies!

  • #1  YOUR ACCOUNTING / SALES ARE 100% TRANSPARENT! We NEVER hand write your sales! We use a 3rd party "Point of Sale" system that shows EVERY SINGLE SALE that is made! Your accounting is sent directly through this third party so there is no guessing on if it is accurate! 
  • #2  MARKETING We go above and beyond with various marketing techniques to bring in the MOST QUALIFIED buyers to your sale!! We will happily explain these techniques to you at your consultation!
  • #3  STAGING TECHNIQUES: Showcasing your items in their best light is our specialty! We believe that presentation is EVERYTHING! We are always highly complimented on how organized our sales are, and when customers can find things easily, they are clean, and represented well, they sell at a higher price!
  •                            Valuables are securely locked with various cases / devices to prevent theft.
  •                            Displays are representative of our branding ~ We create STORE-LIKE atmospheres!
  •                            All items in the house are PROFESSIONALLY priced & labeled using a price gun and attention grabbing starbursts / hangtags.
  •                            Our signage throughout the home is laminated to represent a professional image.
  •                            Our street signs are professionally printed, bright, and attention grabbing! 
  • #4  UNSURPASSED CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS : Simply put, we are kind, helpful and honest. Qualities that both our clients AND customers appreciate. We routinely will go above and beyond to make things happen THE RIGHT WAY!! Our 3rd party Point of Sale system also allows our customers to rate their experience from their receipts, and we are PROUD to show you our results so you can see for yourself how our customers feel ​about us!
  • #5  COMMUNICATION! To us, communication with you is of upmost importance! We want you to ask questions and feel 100% comfortable with us hosting your sale. We do this on a weekly basis, but most likely this is your first rodeo, and no doubt your going to have a few questions along the way! The fastest way to reach us at any time is via text 770-680-8758.
  • WE ENCOURAGE YOU ~ BEFORE YOU HIRE ANYONE, INTERVIEW US! Our consultations are 100% FREE! We *NEVER* ask for any upfront fees on our services! I can not stress enough that "NOT ALL ESTATE SALES ARE EQUAL".... make sure you get the best for you and your family's estate!