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Welcome to Retro Betties!

We are a professional estate liquidation company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in selling the personal property contents inside your

home. We've sold everything from used lipsticks to a Ferrari, and certainly everything in between! We understand that selling the items inside your's,

or a loved one's, home can be VERY STRESSFUL! We've seen it all, and it's ok.... We are here to help!  We are a trusted, professional company that is

recommended by many Atlanta area real estate agents. 


* We truly CARE about your situation and will work with you to come up with a successful sale solution! 

* We proudly and PROFESSIONALLY organize, stage, market, and SELL your items! 

* Licensed by the State of Georgia

* Insured & Bonded with a $1 million dollar policy

* Proud top-level Accredited Estate Liquidator through the American Society of Estate Liquidators

* Proud member of the Antiques & Collectibles National Association

* Last, but certainly not least, we are most proud of our character and ethics in doing business. Others may imitate our branding, but we remain true to our core values of honesty, kindness, and sincere desire to help those in need of our services. Meet us and decide for yourself.